Elaine’s Biography

Elaine Hankin was born in Sidcup, but grew up in Stanmore and attended a convent school in Harrow Weald. She always dreamt of becoming an author, but, after school, practicalities like earning a living, got in the way and her literary aspirations had to be put on hold. The opportunity to work abroad took her from a Swiss shirt factory in the Ticino, to an Italo-American company in Milan, to the Australian Embassy in Rome. She then moved to Geneva to work for CERN.

Elaine says that there is nothing like travel to inspire a writer and she has used settings and characters from her experience abroad in her novels. She is still very much in touch with the Continent, as she has family in Spain and Italy. She met her husband in Rome and spent most of her married life in Kingston-upon-Thames, where her three children were brought up. Once they had left the nest, she was able to follow her dream and, with the aid of an Amstrad word-processor, began to put her ideas into print. Since then, she has progressed to a more up-to-date computer and published eight novels, and is now working on a project taking the reader back to Italy. As yet untitled, it tells the story of a widowed English woman seeking to recapture her youth by making a return trip to Rome.

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